Gelignite Body Chocolate (200ml)

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Gelignite Body chocolate is made with cocoa butter. Cocoa butter extracted from cocoa beans, a popular ingredient in chocolate, cakes, cookies and beverages, has been adapted into this creamy butter so that now you can keep your natural skin/hair care routine and have a chocolate-y feel and smell at the same time. If you've wanted to smell positively delicious while keeping to your natural/organic care regimen using skin-loving sources of healthy fatty acids, look no further.

Gelignite Body Chocolate's mild fragrance, smooth texture and ultra hydrating property makes it a personal favourite of ours. It is a great moisturiser for sensitive or dry skin types, giving you irritant-free hydrated skin. Melting at body temperature, it is easily absorbed and stays on skin surface for hours, pampering and luxuriating.

Gelignite Body Chocolate can be used as a shaving cream, apply a small handful before shaving to prevent nicks and to leave just-shaven skin feeling nice and smooth. Or rub a generous amount into skin after showering, because heat opens up pores and makes it absorb products better.

The same properties that make Gelignite Body Chocolate amazing for your skin are what make it equally fabulous for your hair, so don't limit its moisturising benefits to your skin.

What's more, this butter is completely edible and great for cooking. Put a little in your pan, when it melts go ahead and whip up that delectable concoction.

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