Frequently Asked Questions

Customer FAQs

Can I pre-order an item?
Yes, you can pre-order any item with the tag ‘Pre-order’ on the product details page.
How long does it take to deliver a pre-ordered item?
It varies with vendors and category of item, generally it takes 5-12 business days for fashion items and artworks, 10-20 business days for furniture.
Can I purchase a gift voucher for a friend?
Yes, if you are not sure of what to get for your friends on their birthdays, anniversaries etc., you can purchase a gift voucher for them on Crafts Org., this will be sent via email to the recipient. The recipient can redeem the value with a voucher code at the point of checkout.
Do I get reward points for shopping on Crafts Org.?
Yes, to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty we reward customers when they shop with us.
Can I shop with my reward points?
Yes, every item on Crafts Org. has its amount in points alongside the primary currency , you can purchase items using points (click here to see how).
I will like to buy items specially customized for me, is it possible to find such items on Crafts Org.?
Yes, you can use texts or upload images for the vendor to customize your item.
I am not sure of my particular size, how do I know what size to buy?
Different items have different size charts on their product details page, you can view the size chat to know your exact size before making any purchase.
How do I communicate with a particular vendor on Crafts Org.?
Click on ‘Contact vendor’ on product details or vendor’s page to start a chat with the vendor.
How do I get notified about the new products, restock etc.?
When you follow a vendor on Crafts Org. you will get notified about specific vendor’s activity (such as when there is a restock, new product or product review). Alternatively, you can sign up for notification for 'out of stock' products, you will get notified via email when the products' quantities are updated.
Where are Crafts Org. vendors from?
For now, our vendors are from Nigeria. we are currently making arrangements to bring on board vendors from other African countries.
What is Buyer protection?
Buyer protection is a form of guarantee provided by Crafts Org. to allow buyers shop safely on our website. We hardly have occasions where a customer gets to return already purchased items, but in event of such occurrence, the buyer protection enables buyers to be refunded easily provided the return period has not passed, kindly check our returns policy for more details. With our buyer protection, customers can be refunded in occurrences whereby a vendor fails to deliver purchased items within a period of time.
When am I protected by Crafts Org. buyer protection?
  1. When you receive a wrong item.
  2. When the item you received was not as described on the website.
  3. When you receive an item with missing parts or accessories.
  4. When you receive an item that is not authentic.

The following cases are not covered by our buyer protection:

  1. Orders or payments made outside Crafts Org.
  2. Claims that an item was not delivered when the shipping company's records show that it was.
  3. Claims that an item is not as described when the vendor can prove that is.
  4. Items that were delivered and are as described but the buyer no longer wants.
What shipping services are available with Crafts Org.?
DHL, GIG logistics, custom shipping service (offered by some vendors).
How do I know the shipping service to use?
Different items make use of one or more shipping services, you only pick the one you are comfortable with.
While checking out I saw a shipping method called 'Discuss with Logistics manager', what does it mean?
It simply means a shipping rate could not be determined by the system due to the nature of product. Products in this category include large furniture, hence you will make payment using a custom payment method (online invoice). However, our Logistics manager will call you when a shipping cost has been determined, this will be followed up with the online invoice sent to you via email.
Do you offer free delivery?
Yes, for some products.
Do you offer nationwide delivery?
Do you offer international delivery?
Yes, to over 100 countries.
How do I know the currency to transact in?
You will be required to change default currency to preferred currency, to do this click ‘Currency’ on the top right corner of any page on the website to select preferred currency.
Why is it important to leave a comment/review on product's detailed page or vendor's page?
Crafts Org. is based on trust between buyers and vendors, however it is important to always give a feedback about services rendered so as to allow room for improvement on the vendors’ part and also to establish a good relationship between buyers and vendors.
I am not satisfied with the service of a vendor, what should I do?
You can send an email to explaining what the situation is. Vendors with recurring issues of poor services will have their stores suspended.
Can I request to return an item?
Yes provided 5 business days have not gone by since delivery. To request for a return, visit your profile. Depending on the reason for return, buyers may be requested to pay return fees to the shipping service involved. See our Return Policy for more details

Vendor FAQs

What is a vendor store?
A vendor store is an ecommerce solution comprising of a frontend page and a backend admin panel dedicated to a vendor on Crafts Org. marketplace to allow the vendor list and manage his/her products. Creating a vendor store on Crafts Org. gives you the opportunity to showcase your products to millions of buyers worldwide. Vendors are also allowed access to various tools that will enable them manage their product listings properly on Crafts Org. In addition, vendors will get either a permalink (e.g. or a domain (e.g. for their front end pages depending on the plan selected.

Vendor Terms and Conditions applies
Why do I need to sell on Crafts Org.?
Selling on Crafts Org. has eliminated the headache of building an eCommerce website from the scratch, with our integrated payment and shipping methods, you only need to worry about managing sales and products listing. Even though you have an eCommerce already, you can sign up on our marketplace to gain access to millions of customers worldwide. In addition, Crafts Org. has provided tools to manage your vendor store and increase traffic to your store (check Improving customer traffic and satisfaction.)
What kind of items can I sell on Crafts Org.?
Generally crafted and innovative items made in Africa that belong to any of the category listed on the website. Prohibited items will not be approved after upload, check the Seller's guide for more details.
How do I start selling on Crafts Org.?
To start selling:
  1. Click Become a seller at the top right corner or footer of any page on the website
  2. You will be directed to Crafts Org. vendor page where you can select a plan.
  3. You will be requested to fill a form. Information from the form will be used to setup your vendor account.
  4. Our customer representative will give you a call confirming your application.
  5. Finally, a link to access your admin panel will be sent via mail.

How much does it cost to start selling on Crafts Org.?
There are two plans to choose from when registering as a vendor, we have the Starter and Premium plans. Kindly click Become a seller to compare benefits from the various plans to know which best suits your business. However the Starter plan is totally free of charge, you will only be required to pay a transaction fee when you make sales.
How can I upgrade my store?
Kindly send a mail to
Where do I manage my items?
A backend admin panel is provided for every vendor once your application request has been approved. No technical knowledge is required to use the admin panel.
How do I know when I have an order?
Crafts Org. notifies you by email when you receive an order, it is advisable for all vendors to constantly check their admin panels, fortunately the admin panel is responsive, meaning it can be viewed via any browser on any device.
I sell products distributed electronically, do I have a spot on Crafts Org.?
Yes, Crafts Org. allows for sales of products distributed electronically, e.g. eBooks, illustrations, digital portraits etc.
I sell custom made products, do I have a spot on Crafts Org.?
Yes, Crafts Org. enables customers to upload pictures or enter texts for customizable products.
Do I need to offer returns for my products?
Yes, to improve customer satisfaction a 5 business days return policy is allowed for non-digital products. Vendors will be required to pay for shipping of returned item, when the buyer selects the following reasons:
  1. Wrong Item delivered
  2. Wrong description or photos online
  3. Missing parts or accessories
  4. Item doesn’t seem authentic.

All return requests will be thoroughly inspected before taking any action.

What factors are used to determine shipping cost?
Weight of item and location of customer. large items like furniture may make use of a flat rate. However it is expected for vendors to enter exact weight of items when uploading from the admin panel, extra charges from excess weight will be charged to vendor’s account.
Vendors are also allowed to use custom shipping methods for nationwide deliveries.
Can I request for a pickup or I need to go to a logistics center to ship my products to the buyer?
It varies with shipping service.
What items can be shipped outside the country?
Generally, items within dimension of 1 meter, e.g. fashion items, artworks, books, souvenirs, jewelleries, accessories, décor items etc.