Over the years, we have been informed that products made in Africa were not durable or
that a product had to come from outside the continent to be seen as "worth the
investment". Despite all of these, African artisans, craftsmen/women and innovators
have worked tirelessly in the background to prove themselves and ultimately make ends
meet. While they invest in their talent, it is imperative that they are recognised for their
efforts. We serve as the platform where artisans as such can market their brands and
products in fast growing industry.

Crafts Org. is an online marketplace. Our product portfolio consists primarily of crafted and
creative items (like clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, artworks etc.) made/crafted in Africa
or indigenously African. Our goal is simple: To provide a platform for craftsmen, designers
and innovators to promote, sell and deliver their products to customers within and outside
the country. While our vision, to promote African creativity, is noble we back it up with
reliability, customer mindedness, competence, and professionalism.

These are the core values upon which Crafts Org. was built on. They guide what we do and
how we do it. Over time, our vendors have benefited from them.

  • Reliability: We are committed to providing reliable and viable products on our website.
  • Competence: As we strive for success daily, we do not compromise on quality and
efficiency in all we do as a company.
  • Customer first: Buyers and sellers are our focus. We exist to serve both in best possible
  • Integrity: We are honest and transparent. As we are constantly in pursuit for truth we
have zero tolerance for politics, poor services/behavior.

To promote African creativity through a reliable customer base while expressing
professionalism in a competitive market.

To organise Africa’s brands and make it accessible to the world.

  • We care: No one knows your product more than you, the vendor and no one understands
your needs better than you, the buyer. As the middleman, our goal at Crafts Org. is to ensure
that the satisfaction is attained at both ends. We listen to your concerns and work with them
so that together we all can find the perfect balance of communication, structure and
performance to meet all your unique needs

  • We are committed to excellence: We are firm believers that a strong commitment to
excellence is one of the most crucial attributes for the survival of any business. That is why
we put in the extra effort to ensure that all our customers get exactly what they bargain for.
That is also why we are constantly strategizing and coming up with ways to better serve our

  • We have the passion, knowledge, technology and vision

At Crafts Org., putting the African craftsman/woman on the map is our long-term goal.

If this is you and you are ready to take your business to the next level, (click here) now and let

us get you started.